WEDDING Digital Interview 

Your love story is as unique as you are. 

 Our Features are completely crafted by your responses to the following questions. So tell the stories you want our writers to use. 

We have asked you 13 questions. None of them are required. You're welcome to not answer one, and write paragraphs and paragraphs for another. This is your time to share your stories. 

*None of your information is sold, shared or distributed in any way to anyone outside of FeatureMe. 

Your Name *
Your Name
The facts are the backbone to every story
This can be as specific or as general as you prefer.
Please include the day, month and year
What are their names? Ages?
Here is where we dig a little deeper. Please be as detailed as possible and write in complete sentences. we take exact quotes from you and use them in the FEATURE
You're doing great
But quck question? Are you writing long beautiful complete sentences and large paragraphs? We sure hope so! The longer, the better!
Any funny, embarrassing or cute couple stories? Anything you wanted to say but didn't have a chance to while answering our other questions?