Grandparent Feature

The perfect gift for the family matriarch or patriarch from $175

+ Personalized
+ Meaningful
+ Unique 

a unique gift for grandma

The most meaningful gift you can give.

Behind every good person is their loving grandparent. 

Based on interviews with the giftee's grandchildren, we write a magazine-style story that celebrates that irreplaceable member of the family — letting them know how much they matter; how much they've impacted and inspired their family. 

Every story is then designed to look like an article from a beautiful magazine — including photographs sent in by you. 

A Feature is 

  • A gift that is truly personalized 
  • A way to let grandma or grandpa know how much they matter 
  • A gift that can be kept forever (and passed down the generations) 

How does it work? 

We make creating the most unique, heartfelt grandparent gift easy. 

Share your sources with us so we can start creating the most meaningful wedding gift you can buy


After purchasing, our easy online form lets you share your sources (those who are going to be interviewed) and their contact information with us. 

Then, you upload your photographs.

We handle the rest!

Our interviews make every wedding gift as unique and special as the couple featured. 


Our professional writers interview your sources. Depending on your package, those interviews may be over the phone or hosted digitally on our website. Interviews are the heart and soul of FeatureMe and what makes our product so unique and meaningful. 

We always frame every unique wedding gift so it's ready for gifting as soon as it arrives


Based on interviews with all of your sources, your assigned writer will write the unique love story. Then our designer will create a custom, magazine-style design for your Feature, before we print, frame and package it. 

Your Feature is ready for gifting the moment it arrives at your door.

grandparent Feature design with feedback from happy customer, she loved it.

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