All Features arrive wrapped and ready for gifting

Here's what happens after you click purchase: 

  1. Follow the link in your confirmation email to share contact information with us. 
  2. The five people you choose to be interviewed will be contacted by our writers.
  3. We'll get photos from you for the Feature via email.
  4. We take the information provided by all five interviews and craft a custom story. 
  5. We will design the final story to look like an article found in a professional magazine, using your photographs.
  6. We will package your Feature and ship it right to your front door, so it's ready for gifting.


We handle all of the coordinating for interviews — all you have to do is share the contact information for your sources.

  • Five interviews are included with every purchase.
  • Phone interviews run anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on how chatty your sources are feeling.
  • Digital interviews are completed on our website and can be done at any time.
  • You can add additional phone interviews ($30) or additional digital interviews ($15) to any Feature. Just add them to your cart when purchasing a Feature from our online store.
  • We use a convenient scheduling app to schedule our phone interviews. Sources simply choose an available time slot on the calendar and receive an email reminder prior to their scheduled interview. 
  • ** NOTE: We cannot begin writing the Feature until ALL interviews have been completed.

Every Feature is unique but each one will include these elements


Incorporated into your design will be... 

  • Quotes from loved ones — lifted from the interviews
  • Pull quotes — that is, quotes pulled out from the text and highlighted in a larger font for emphasis
  • Your pictures — depending on the exact length of the Feature and the types of pictures provided, anywhere from three to five photographs will be integrated in the design
  • A magazine-style headline
  • A 500-1000 word story (about three double-spaced pages)

Our Framing is designed to look good with any decor and last over a 100 years


We use only the highest quality mats, frames, glazing (that is, the frame's glass) and backing boards. 

  • Our frames are Nielsen aluminum.
  • All of our framing materials are made in America.
  • Our framing equipment is all acid-free and conservation quality.
  • The conservation quality materials will allow you to preserve your Feature for decades.
  • We print your Feature on art-quality photo paper using professional printers.

You can read some more details about our framing on our blog.