Interviews make Features the most meaningful gift you can give


What is an Interview?

Our writer talking on the phone with a source for their interview

Interviews are the heart and soul of FeatureMe. They are what truly makes our gifts unique and genuinely meaningful. We use interviews to learn all about the recipient and what makes him or her tick. 

  1. We interview five sources* of your choosing. 
  2. We tailor the questions to the subject (Ex: birthday, graduation, wedding etc.)  

Not only do interviews make the story unique for each recipient but they also show the recipient that they matter. It feels incredible to know everyone went to so much trouble to make a gift for you.  

*Sources are people who know a lot about the recipient. We call them sources because they are the backbone of every Feature we write, the same lingo journalists use for those they interview. 

Why Features include interviews

  • They are how we are able to write such detailed, personalized stories. 
  • They make our gift truly unique and custom. Every Feature is as unique as the recipient. 
  • They allow multiple people to participate in the gift giving process. 
  • The time everyone spends on being interviewed, and thus talking about their loved one, makes the recipient feel incredible. 
woman typing on her laptop to complete an interview
I found the process of being interviewed to be easy and quite meaningful for me.
— Sydney, interviewed for a Feature about her granddaughter