GRANDPARENT Digital Interview 

You were chosen to be interviewed for your grandparent's unique, individually tailored story. Our Features are completely crafted by your responses. So tell the stories you want us to use. 

Our writers will take your responses and craft them into your recipient's Feature — pulling direct quotes.  

We have asked you nine questions. None of them are required. You're welcome to not answer one, and write paragraphs and paragraphs for another. This is your time to share your stories. 

*None of your information is sold, shared or distributed in any way to anyone outside of FeatureMe. 

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Your Name
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Name of Recipient
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Grandson or granddaughter
Tip: Try to write long discriptive sentences, they help us a lot.
The word activity here can be taken lightly. Just talking would count.
Now is your opportunity to share with us anything you want about the recipient. Be as long winded as you need.