What is a Feature?

A Feature is a magazine style-story reported and written based on interviews with friends, significant others and family members. 

We design the story to look like one you'd find in a high-quality magazine, including a headline, color photographs and quotes. Finally, we frame the Feature, hand-wrap it and send it to your doorstep. 

Learn more about features here.

Can a Feature be about more than one individual? 

Certainly. We write Features about anniversaries or weddings, for example.  

When will I receive my Feature? 

Because Features are individually tailored and designed, our product takes time to create. That being said, for our Classic option, we guarantee your Feature will be shipped out five business days from the day of your last interview, and our Custom option will be shipped out 10 business days from the day of your last interview. The guarantee does not include shipping time.  

What if I don't like my Feature? 

We are sorry to hear that. If you would like to work with a FeatureMe writer to change any part of your Feature, please consider purchasing our Premium option.

If that is unavailable to you, we offer a 50-percent refund (we cannot refund our writer's time crafting your Feature). 

Instead of phone interviews, can I opt for e-mail interviews?

Yes. If a person or persons don't feel comfortable speaking with one of our writers, they can let us know by responding to their confirmation email with the subject line "Request for e-mail interview." We will respond with a link to the e-mail questionnaire. 

Can I reschedule my phone interview?

Yes. We understand last-minute things come up. In your e-mail confirming your interview time, there is a link toward the bottom that you can click to reschedule. We allow you to reschedule up to two hours prior to your scheduled interview. 

Can the recipient be interviewed for their own Feature? 


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