What is a Feature? | A modern twist on a classic story

This is what our custom story looks like. It has all the personalized elements that make for a great, unqiue gift. 

As a brand new business with unique, novel concept, I spend most of my time explaining to people what it is we do exactly.

I’ve changed my elevator pitch at least once a month for the past six months —  trying to explain what a custom story is in 60 seconds has been as challenging as designing our website and running our three social media accounts combined. We can’t introduce our product by comparing it to another, similar product because there is no gift quite like a Feature out there (trust us, we have scoured the internet looking).

But in my quest to perfect my tidy speech, I’ve come to understand what I knew when I first opened the doors to this business: the heart of FeatureMe is really quite simple.

A Feature is a modern twist on a classic story — literally.

People have been writing about people since the advent of putting pen to paper (or rock to cave wall, if you will).

When I wrote for a newspaper and interned at a magazine, I frequently wrote about people as a way to inspire readers. The people featured (get it!?) in the paper had compelling, fantastical stories.

But then I realized, doesn’t everybody?

Since starting this business, I’ve written about “ordinary people” who’ve survived breast cancer, who’ve solo traveled around Europe, who’ve completely usurped their lives for love, who’ve demanded justice in an unjust world.

At FeatureMe we celebrate “the ordinary” because we don’t believe an ordinary person actually exists.

So therein comes the modern twist. Instead of writing about a person to bury in the lifestyle section of a newspaper or magazine, we bring the newspaper or magazine to you.

A Feature is a magazine-style story about a person. This person can be your mom, your husband, your wife, your daughter, your son, your boss. We interview five people who care about this person (we call them sources — another throwback to my newspaper days) to learn all we can about who this person really is and why they’re not so ordinary.

Once our interviews are complete, your assigned writer will pull together this person’s story in a beautifully written article that reads exactly like one you would find in a magazine. The article includes quotes from our interviews (people say incredibly touching and emotional things to us that are too embarrassing to say to their loved one’s face).

Once the story has been written, we paste it into an InDesign document and create a design that, again, matches the aesthetic of a high-quality magazine.

Our last step is to print off your unique design, frame the Feature using quality materials (all made in America), wrap the finished product up and send it to your door.

When your mom/husband/wife/daughter/son/boss opens the Feature they’ll be astounded and overwhelmed with emotion.

You’ve just told them their story is important. You’ve just told them a million times over why the people in their life love them. You’ve just told them they are not ordinary.

(P.S. You can read an example of a Birthday Feature here, a Graduation Feature here and a Wedding Feature here.)