Four gift ideas for someone whose Love Language is Receiving Gifts |Gifting based on the 5 Love Languages

In part four of our series, we’ll discuss the best gifts for someone whose Love Language is Receiving Gifts. Check out Words of Affirmation here, Acts of Service here, Quality Time here, and keep an eye out for our last blog post in the series, Physical Touch.

Gifting based on the 5 love languages: gift ideas for love languages 

When I began writing this series, I was really excited to write this particular post. Of the 5 ways people express and feel love, generating gift ideas for the Love Language that’s called Receiving Gifts would have to be the easiest. I mean, you can give those people basically anything, right?


As it turns out, someone whose Love Language is Receiving Gifts cares more about the thought behind your gift than the product itself. They see whatever it is you give them as a visual representation of your love.

So a candle you buy from the gas station on the way to your anniversary dinner just isn’t going to cut it.  

As Dr. Gary Chapman, the man behind the movement, said, "Don’t mistake this love language for materialism; the receiver of gifts thrives on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift.”

As the gift getter you really need to keep this in mind when your loved ones' next milestone approaches—it's not what you give them, but why. 

Here are four unique ideas to get you started:

1. A gift basket: Fill a basket or box with your loved ones most treasured items to let them know how much you pay attention. Choose a theme—whether that be self-love (their favorite soap, that expensive lotion they’ve been eyeing, the newest novel from their favorite author), breakfast of champions (a travel mug, a gift certificate to Starbucks, muffin mix from their favorite bakery) or king of the kitchen (bamboo cooking utensils, a book of recipes you think they’ll enjoy, a collection of their most-used spices). Or go wild and create a basket that has no theme at all and is merely an assortment of all of their favorite things (whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens...). Scour Pinterest for unique ways to package your basket.


2. A subscription box: What’s better than a meaningful, well-thought-out gift? A meaningful, well-thought-out gift that comes every single month (or quarter, depending on the subscription box in question). There’s a subscription box out there for everyone. Seriously. There’s one for bird-lovers, quilters, fashion gurus, adventurers, book nerds, cheese enthusiasts and so on. Be choosy in which subscription box you sign up for, making sure it aligns with something your loved one is passionate about, and watch as their face lights up again and again and again.


3. A scavenger hunt: A scavenger hunt is like the live version of a gift basket (and works nicely if your loved one also “speaks” the Quality Time Love Language). Take your loved one on a tour of their favorite places—and don’t be stingy when the time comes to pull out your wallet. Keep it simple; you don’t have to plan out mysterious clues that’ll lead them from place to place all day long. Choose four or five places they'll really love. 

Here's an example of a simple, effective scavenger hunt: start at the local bookstore, then stop at their favorite coffee shop for a drink and a pastry before partaking in their relaxing activity of choice (golf course, nail studio, hiking path). End the day at their favorite restaurant (don't forget dessert, at the restaurant or elsewhere). Don’t live in the same city? Give them a “virtual” scavenger hunt with gift certificates to each of these places.


4. Concert tickets: The way to give a truly meaningful gift for everyone, but especially for people who feel love through the act of gift giving, is to pay attention to what it is they love. Surprise your loved one with concert tickets to the band behind the song they can’t help but belt out in the shower. They’ll not only appreciate that you know what music they listen to but the fact you’re willing to spend hours rocking out to that music with them.


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