Four gift ideas for someone whose Love Language is Acts of Service | Gifting based on the 5 Love Languages

In part two of our series, we’ll discuss the best gifts for someone whose love language is Acts of Service. Check out part one, Words of Affirmation here and keep an eye out for subsequent blog posts on the other three love languages.


Does your mom know you love her? How about your child? Your partner?

The reality may be more complicated than you think — as there isn’t one universal way to express love.

As we’ve discussed on this blog before there are actually five distinct ways people feel and express love, at least according to a theory by Dr. Gary Chapman. His five love languages, which have taken the world, or at least the internet, by storm are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Physical Touch.

The idea is if you learn the love language of your child, your partner, your mother, grandmother and so on you’ll be better at expressing your love in a way they understand. In other words, you can make them feel loved in a way you’ve never been able to before.

The same applies to gift giving.

If you can figure out how to give your loved one a gift within their own love language, the gift will be far more meaningful than if you, say, randomly buy dragonfly earrings because they mentioned they loved dragonflies once (not that I’ve done that before…).

Those who believe actions speak louder than words speak the Acts of Service Love Language. They want to see how you feel, not just hear about it, and they appreciate any time you can lend a helping hand.

Here are four gift ideas that will make them not only smile but feel truly, deeply loved:

1. A coupon book: A coupon book is the ultimate dream for those who crave Acts of Service. When coming up with personal coupons don’t pick what you want to give, pick what they want to receive. Say your child has a fascination with all things creepy and crawly. Write a coupon for taking them to that ominous insectarium you heard about on the radio (because, yes, that’s a serious act of service). Perhaps your partner has a fascination with cars, write up a coupon to cook an elaborate dinner one night so he or she can spend an extra hour under the hood. Be creative and specific, and don’t just steal those generic coupon ideas on Pinterest, as tempting as that may be.

coupon book is a great gift for acts of service love language

2. A massage (better yet — a spa day): While saying I appreciate you will leave those who speak the Words of Affirmation Love Language glowing, it will only go so far people who want Acts of Service. They need you to show them they’re appreciated, and what better way than by gifting them a day of relaxation. By purchasing a spa package for your mom or your partner, you’re telling them that they deserve a day off, that they deserve to be pampered because you understand how hard they work.  

a massage makes a meaningful gift

3. A Feature: Take your words one step further by showcasing your most meaningful, heartfelt sentiments in one of our Features. Your loved one will appreciate the fact that you took the time to sit down and answer interview questions about him or her, reflecting on their accomplishments, positive attributes and all the reasons you love them. A Feature is more than the physical product you receive at the end, it’s the process you played in creating it. Trust me, it’s an incredible feeling to know that your family members and friends love you enough to talk about you — and only you — for the better part of an hour.

A Feature makes a meaningful gift

4. A meaningful book: Listen to your loved one and pick out a book that meets their needs (not just a book you enjoyed). Say your best friend told you she made a goal to be more positive. Give her a gratitude journal, where she has the opportunity to write down the positive moments in her daily life. Or give her a book of inspirational quotes she can keep on her coffee table. Say your dad mentioned loving the National Geographic Instagram because of its incredible photography. Buy him a copy of the @NatGeo: the most popular Instagram photos or an introduction to photography book so he can take his own pictures. By answering your loved ones need you’re showing, not just saying, that you support and admire their dreams.

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a book makes a unique gift