How to Frame Art to Last Lifetimes: Framing our Features

I never knew that when I began the journey to start this business I would spend hours upon hours reading about framing techniques, materials and designs. But that's what it took to deliver the product my partner and I envisioned — one that can be passed down for generations. 

Our framing needs to not only elegantly display our designs, it also has to protect each Feature from UV, moisture and all the other elements that can damage artwork. On top of that we have to consider dimensions, materials and sources. What may look like a simple black frame is actually the result of endless variables we carefully choreographed to deliver a beautiful product meant to last 100+ years. 


We use 11” x 17” matte black aluminum frames from Nielsen. They are made in America and assembled by us. The aluminum is durable and resistant to scratches, which means it'll get to your front door without getting ruined. Plus the frame will last no matter how many times you move or how many generations you pass it down. The matte black beautifully accents the black font but doesn’t distract. The whole point of a Feature is to celebrate someone. We don’t want our designs or framing to take away from the person being featured because they are what matters most. 


Our mats are cut in beautiful New Mexico (where I grew up) and are made in America. We use black core and acid-free mats. The black core gives every Feature a delicate 1/4 inch border around the story. Similarly to the frame, the black core makes the words pop and contributes to the elegance of the design.

We use acid-free mats for an extremely important reason — we want your Features to last. Regular paper contains acid, which would cause your Features to yellow and deteriorate over the years of being pressed onto your stories. The acid-free paper doesn’t react with your Feature and won’t yellow over time. So when you hand down your Feature to the next generation it will look as good as the day you bought it. 


Glazing is the glass or acrylic that covers the front of each framed article. We use a top-of-the-line, UV-blocking and glare-free acrylic. Like everything else we use to frame your Feature it is made in America. The acrylic is more durable and lighter than traditional glass, which is great for shipping, but no less clear. 

We need the glazing to block UV, once again, to help preserve your story. Over time UV radiation from light can deteriorate ink and cause your Feature to fade. By blocking that radiation we can slow fading and help keep your Feature bright, vibrant and beautiful. 

Everything Else

Your Feature will be ready to hang on the wall the moment it arrives. We pre-string framing wire and even attach soft cushions to prevent the aluminum frame from damaging your walls. Additionally, we use acid-free backing board that keeps your article tightly cased in its frame.

We are serious about Features being family heirlooms — our dedication to making sure every Feature is beautifully and protectively framed proves just that.