Welcome to FeatureMe

We are thrilled to finally open the metaphorical doors to our store. 

Our small team has been working tirelessly on FeatureMe for months now — creating our website, sampling the best mats and frames and streamlining our Feature process from start to finish. 

And now we get to share the results of this work with all of you. 

Welcome to FeatureMe! 

Tour our website, click through our Instagram and Facebook pages and, while you’re at it, pre-order a Feature. 

Let us know your thoughts via e-mail (editor@featuremegifts.com) or tag us on your own social media accounts @featuremegifts. 

The heart of our business is people, so please be in touch. 

We are always happy to hear from you. 


Taylor and Brandon

FeatureMe co-founders