Our First Feature

I was excited, a bit exhausted and exceptionally nervous when my business partner and I shipped our first completed Feature to our first FeatureMe customer. 

Adam received the Feature he ordered for his father, Sid, for a Christmas gift weeks before the holiday. 

I counted down the days. I spent nights picturing the big reveal. 

Would Sid notice the magazine-style design we’d spent hours building? Would he enjoy the story I’d crafted from the interviews with his family? Or would the Feature flop? 

Sid's note to his son, Adam, expressing his gratitude for his custom Feature 

His reaction was well worth the wait. 

Though we had been told that Sid is the epitome of stoicism, his eyes had filled with tears when he unwrapped the Feature at his Christmas celebration. He set the Feature aside, cleared his throat and proceeded to open the rest of his gifts. 

It wasn’t until the pile of gifts under the tree had all been opened that Sid picked the Feature back up and finally soaked in his unique gift. 

The family proceeded to read the story out loud — laughing at the silly parts, awwing during the sentimental bits and even periodically pausing to further discuss a memory mentioned in the story.  

Adam shared with us a note his father left for him the next day. 

He thanked his son, mentioning that it felt good to hear that his life really matters to people. He said, “words are often thought of but rarely spoken or so eloquently immortalized. It is a gift I’ll cherish forever.”

When I read the note I remembered — this is why I started FeatureMe. 

Everyone deserves to know they are important. 

I am proud to have helped Adam evoke that emotion in his father. 

I am proud to call our first Feature a success.