Four gift ideas for someone whose Love Language is Quality Time|Gifting based on the 5 Love Languages

In part three of our series, we’ll discuss the best gifts for someone whose Love Language is Quality Time. Check out Words of Affirmation here, Acts of Service here and keep an eye out for subsequent blog posts on the other two love languages.


You know that person who says they miss you, even if you’ve been sitting in the same room as them all day?  

Yeah — that person’s Love Language is Quality Time.

In our third installment of our 5-part series “Gifting based on the 5 Love Languages,” we are focusing on the people who just want you to spend time with them. (Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out our first blog on the 5 Love Languages here.)

Quality time doesn’t mean being together; it means being together — deeply focused on one another. As Gary Chapman himself explains, “If it is genuine quality time, a husband and wife playing tennis together will focus not on the game, but on the fact that they are spending time together.”

Being in the same room as your loved one just doesn’t cut it.

But you can’t very well give your husband an ‘evening of talking with me on the couch’ for his birthday.

We have your back with four gift ideas that will create deeper, more meaningful moments of togetherness, to let your spouse/child/mother/best friend know they are loved.

1. An (indie) video game: As adults, we don’t spend enough time playing. Fix that, and spend hours with your loved one by literally playing a game together — one that you carefully picked out. Check out Steam for unique games you can download and play on your computer (there’s even an option to send a game as a gift). Next time you were planning a movie night, opt for a game night instead. The time you spend together playing is more meaningful and encourages conversation and team-work, both things someone who craves quality time needs.

An indie video game is a unique gift that lets your loved one know you love them

2. Complete a DIY project together: Type DIY into Pinterest and you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of swoon-worthy projects. Choose one that your loved one will enjoy — whether that be an edible treat, a piece of home decor or a work of art.  Your end result doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy (or more applicable to Pinterest fails) but the end result isn’t the point. If your cookies melted into one giant cookie blob or you splattered more paint on yourself than your pinecone, you’ll still have spent hours laughing and creating together — which is all your loved one wants.

A DIY craft  makes a unique christmas gift

3. A cooking class: Cooking classes are a fun, unique (and quite useful) way to spend time with your loved one. You'll form memories you’ll laugh about for years to come while bonding over the fact you're both unknown culinary masters (who knew you were gifted with a culinary torch?) The experience will bring you together in a way cooking at home just can't. 

a cooking class makes a unique christmas gift

4. Hire a housekeeper for a day: There are few things worse in this world than spending a sunny afternoon, indoors, deep cleaning (or maybe that’s just me). Either way, your loved one will appreciate how a housekeeper will free up the better part of an evening or weekend afternoon that’d been originally allocated to chores. You can do anything during that newfound time — go on a long walk together, go out to dinner, walk around Target — just revel in being together.

molly maid makes a unique christmas gift

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