A message from our founder

Everyone has a story. 

The biology professor who turned in his letter of resignation after 50-plus years in the field. 

The exhausted student on her graduation day. 

The couple that rushed to the courthouse on June 26, 2015, having thought this day would never come. 

Their stories inspired me.

When I worked as a journalist, I had to write news briefs on local crime or the goings-on of the court — I held onto these stories as my fodder. 

I wrote as many features as I could. Almost every time a person saw their name in print, they reached out to thank me. 

I realized then that most people did not understand the significance of their own stories. People go through life without the recognition they deserve. 

At FeatureMe, we celebrate people. We put into words what is often too difficult to say out loud. 

We want everyone to know their story is important. 

Much love, 


FeatureMe co-founder